Milling and Lathing, what's the difference?

The modern manufacturing centers have both machines working to perform different tasks. Both of them work in the same way. Milling and lathing machines are used to cut the raw material, but both have different ways of cutting material and transform shapes. Milling uses tools to spin for cutting and lathing itself spins the material. The lathing machine is most commonly used globally. The primary use of lathing machine is the removal of metal from the job segment to give it the required size and shape. It can cut into different shapes and sizes according to the desired output. The block or piece in place at the center and lathing revolves around it for cutting. The milling machine works with many different cutters. The milling cutter works with the assistance of multiple cutting edges at the peak speed and removes unnecessary metal very fast. For further information, there are some differences between them.


Milling machines:

- Milling machines are used for drilling, cutting, shaping boring, and rounding off edges.

- Spin the material for cutting and make shapes.

- The tool is used to cut material which is fixed on the chuck.

- It creates various sizes and shapes with the help of tools, creates cylindrical parts by inside and outside diameter.

- Used for turning operations, removes excess amount of material from rotating piece by using a single cutting tool.

- Moves less material than lathing machines.

Lathing machines:

- The lathing machines are best for turning, drilling, cutting, facing, knurling sanding and deforming.

- Use spinning tools for different cuttings and shapes.

- Work only in two ways (upward-milling and downward-milling).

- By spinning the tool, it can cut the piece which is held in the center.

- It makes use of cylindrical cutting tools like drills for the removal of extra material and make furnished good.

- The more material can be moved on the milling machines.

Tools for cutting:

The insert cutter is the major tool that is used in the lathing machine, makes use of the removable tip for cutting and to give shape. Milling machines do not make use of such cutting tools. The regular used milling machine type is end mill. The machine is placed on the pivot and rotates to cut the material at different speed levels.


For cutting the cylindrical material, you should prefer lathing machines. The cutting will become easy because of the nature of the machine. It can hold the material in a better way. You can only drill in the center of the object, and if you need a hole in the off-center you can use a milling machine. Anything which will remain non-cylindrical will be processed in a milling machine. The milling machines can perform better in making other than cylindrical shapes.


To use the milling machine you should make sure about the straightness of the machine. Should measure the vise or fixtures before using it. Make the adjustment to the straight level and tighten the bolts. In lathing machines, make sure that chuck jaws are equidistant from the center as it will prevent errors and make a perfect product.

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