5 Things You must Know About Your Torque Wrench!

Whether you are a house owner who is equipped with all the necessary tools to keep your house fuss-free. Or, you are a good mechanic working for automotive or any other company containing all tools required for your fixing procedures. One particular tool you must not forget to put in your toolboxes is a “torque wrench’. Yes! You heard it. But wait, the most critical part is to know what it is and what are the essential facts to know about it?

A torque wrench is a tool that provides specific torque to a fastener such as bolts and nuts and often provides control torque in assembly through special internal mechanisms. Despite the unlimited usage of this tool, it is mostly used for maintenance and quick fixes. Although, you must know few things about this handy tool which are as follows:

· The correct storage

The optimum performance of your torque wrench depends upon its proper storage. When you are not going to use it for a longer duration, it is necessary to wind it up and set up the scale to a minimum level (but never to zero) to allow some spring compression level. This way, the spring will not be damaged and you will be able to assure its accuracy over time. So don’t get lazy, and keep reminding it to yourself!

· Torque adjustments

You should have mastery in torque adjustment because, why not? Every piece of equipment by the manufacturer requires a different level of torque. So, it’s important to adjust the settings of your torque wrench accordingly. If the wrong amount of torque is applied to the equipment or fasteners, it can lead to their failure and you don’t want that happen right? Especially in the case of automotive problems, it can result in disastrous consequences. For example, if your car speed is very high on a highway, loose bolts and nuts can be very dangerous and may cause accidents.

· The one click action

Most of the people think that the more repetitive clicks they made to their torque wrench, the more efficient it works. Although this methodology is wrong and can have significant adverse implications on your work as it increases the additional level of torque. The trick to using your torque wrench steadily and smoothly is to click it once because it’s enough torque application to your bolt. When you hear the click sound, let your torque wrench rest there and do its work.

· Focus on Rotation and marked loading points

Most of the torque wrench users think that they can use it in both rotations of clockwise and anti-clockwise. Sadly, that’s not true. You must consider the specifications of your torque wrench of whether it operates in a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation to prevent the loss of torque control. Another key point that most people forget is, to use the marked loading points for the precise results. These points ensure the optimal application of the torque with minimal labor on your part. Center the hand over the market point, and if you don’t do that, the calibration (fine adjustments for optimal measurement) of your torque wrench will not be spoiled, and you won’t be able to apply the right torque for your project.

· Handle extension

Extending the handle for tools can make the work done more easily. But putting any sort of extension or pipe to your torque wrench is a big NO NO! it would ultimately damage your tool and badly effect its accuracy. So, never try to do the things the Red Green way!

Now you learned the knowledge, let get your hand on the Torque Wrench!


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