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Purchasing Hand Tools From a Reliable Manufacturer

If you have a hardware shop/repairing centre or even if you are a regular person who loves fixing stuff by yourself then you'd need a good collection of hand tools to helps you with your tasks. There are a number of hand tools manufacturer and suppliers out there in the market who produce and supply a wide range of hand tools that are used in a number of different tasks and applications. When you are purchasing any product, such as hand tools, it is important to do your research properly by comparing different suppliers, their products, pricing and then make an informed decision. 

When it comes to hand tools and related products such as brass fitting parts as well as cutting tools the Jexsy is one of the leading professional hand tools supplier in the market. The reliable reputation that the company has built gradually is due to their excellent relationship with the clients. This relationship comes from supplying high quality reliable products at great prices and providing excellent service to the customers. If you are looking to purchase the hand tools for your requirements then you can contact the customer representative from the company who will understand your requirements and based on that guide you to the best possible products that you can purchase from the supplier. 

The hand tool products supplied by Jexsy

When it comes to hand tools there is a wide range of product options to choose from based on your requirements and what you need for the project in hand.  Some of the high quality hand tools that you can purchase from Jexsy includes wrenches, hand accessories,  hand sockets, bits allen-keys, impact accessories, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches and impact socket amongst others. Each of these products are categorized based on their specifications and pricing. Now let us have a look some of the hand tools products and what can you expect from them.

In wrenches category you get the 72T flexible ratchet combination wrench which has a material of CRV-6140. This product has the teeth 72T and a surface finish of mirror. In terms of the different range of wrenches there is a whole set that starts from item no. FWG-0108 and goes all the way to FWG-0124. Each of these wrenches increase in size and weight as you move forward with the item no. If you want to purchase this combination of wrenches then you can order from the website by placing your order in advance.

In terms of screwdrivers the Jexsy provides anti-slip screwdriver in order to ensure superior grip and full control when working with this hand tool for your different tasks. This products has the material known as Chrome Molybdenum and the screwdriver come in a variety of different sizes ranging from small to big with multiple medium sizes in between. The size and length in mm keeps increasing as you move forward with the item no. on the website for screwdrivers.

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